The safety of children is every parent’s paramount concern. So help keep children safe by having your company participate in the

Missing Children Society of Canada’s CodeSearch Program.

The Alberta Electrical League is proudly working with the Missing Children Society of Canada endorsing their new CodeSearch Program.

 Just by signing up, You’re helping bring missing children home to their searching families!

What is CodeSearch?

A network of Canadian businesses whose employees become instant volunteers if a child goes missing in the communities they live and work in. We’re connecting Canadians who can help locate a child mid-abduction who form a network so complete it can stop abduction from occurring altogether.

How does it work?

CodeSearch partners download a smartphone app (available for Blackberrys and iPhones) that allows MCSC to push out critical information about a missing child at the touch of a button.

 If a child goes missing in your community, you’ll immediately receive an alert to your smartphone with a description of the child and other important details.

What do my employees have to do?

Two things – download and register the app, and then show up to work every day. That’s all.  A few simple steps that have a huge impact on the families MCSC serves.  When a member of your team downloads the app, any critical information about a missing child is pushed right to their hands. All they have do when they receive an alert is view the information and keep their eyes open for that missing child.

How do I become a part of CodeSearch?

It’s easy – fill out the registration form . The cost to join is $2 per month, per employee – a nominal fee that we deduct monthly from either a credit card or a bank account. The $2 goes to support running the program and ongoing investigations for children who have been missing for longer periods of time. Once you’ve filled in the registration form, MCSC’s CodeSearch Manager contacts you and helps your team download the app properly and register your information.

Contact for further details for signing up Brenda Mantle Visit

The AEL is ensuring that every Alberta electrical organization knows how they can contribute to the well-being of Canadian children.